Facilitating next steps

In hopes of restoring a culture of compassion

Facilitating next steps

In hopes of restoring a culture of compassion

About Me


My Background

I received my bachelor's degree in  psychology, my associate's degree in behavioral science and I am certified in neurolinguistic practices. I have been working in the field of anti-bullying and non-violence for the past 25 years.


My Experience

For ten years I ran domestic violence support groups and managed crisis hotline and shelter intake departments. I have trained hundreds of volunteers to cover crisis hotlines, perform emergency shelter intakes and run group facilitation. I have facilitated trainings of thousands of students, school staff and faculty. I have facilitated parent workshops to raise awareness about bullying awareness and prevention. I have opened main sessions for conferences and spoken at several assemblies.


About Me

Apart from my career, I am a wife and  mother of three gorgeous daughters and one chivalric son. I have five fabulous grandchildren to share love with. I am blessed with a spirit-filled church family to share love and growth with as well. I enjoy so much of what life has to offer. I have a love of wisdom, peace and justice; and I am full of hope.




I offer a complimentary one-hour consultation to go over the various services available for your community needs for students and their family. After this initial consultation, I will follow up with to recommend appropriate services for your needs. I also offer hourly consultation services.

Student Empowerment


Students will be trained via assemblies or workshops. The assemblies can reach your entire staff and student'sbody. The workshops will provide evidenced-based training for a select group of students and adults to raise awareness and provide tools for problem-solving, good character skills, self-assertion and regulation. The goal is not only to prevent and intervene in mistreatment and bullying, but, most importantly, to foster student academic and social  emotional achievement.

Staff/Professional Development


I offer a complete service that includes evaluating current climate needs, securing consistency in understanding and implementing school policy and procedures regarding mistreatment, harassment, intimidation and bullying; as well as guidance in addressing and preventing  bullying  in your community. Lastly, I assist in strategizing to foster good character, honor of self and authority and acceptance of others

Bully Prevention Specialist - Climate Consultant

How can I help?

I understand that each school's community and needs are unique to them. Tell me more about what you're looking for, and I will get back to you soon with some ideas.

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